Increased tone in facial, neck, and jaw muscles helps to reverse the aging process naturally and non-invasively. Collagen production and elasticity also increase. Cells are stimulated in such a way that vital processes are regenerated, reminding aging skin to perform and look like younger skin again.

Visible results after one treatment.

The two photos (below) show two halves of client faces before and after the first 25-minute Martha Weinstein™ Non-Invasive Face Lift session. Our technology is like exercise for the face: the effects are cumulative. To establish strong muscle memory, collagen production, and skin tone, we recommend 15 sessions in total, once a week minimum, 3 times a week maximum. After that, a maintenance treatment every 4 to 6 weeks will suffice.

A bio-identical nanocurrent.

Every living cell has an electrical charge that diminishes as we age. Our advanced system subtly recharges the cell by applying a nanocurrent that is identical to this natural electrical charge. The amount of current as well as the method of application are a Martha Weinstein innovation that revolutionizes the science of rejuvenation.

Collagen production: what older cells need is a gentle reminder.

One of the causes of wrinkling and loss of skin tone as we age is the breakdown of the skin's support framework. Collagen production decreases and with it, the skin's capacity to rejuvenate itself. The Martha Weinstein Non-Invasive Face Lift acts like a reminder, helping to restart the innate restorative mechanisms your skin had when it was younger.