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Our day spa is located right here in West L.A., providing anti-aging treatments that will make you feel as if you've discovered the fountain of youth yourself.

Your face will look visibly smoother, radiant and rejuvenatedafter each session. Preserve your beauty now, and avoid theneedle, chemical peel and surgeon's knife later.

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Relax while your facial muscles
exercise themselves.

Your face needs an exercise program just like your body does. Martha Weinstein's Advanced Facial Fitness ™ technology stimulates your facial muscles to exercise themselves, so that they maintain their tone and youthful glow for years to come.

It feels like a gentle massage, but the result is immediate and dramatic after each 25-minute treatment. Our unique system revitalizes skin cells with a gentle, bio-identical "nanocurrent" that is precisely calibrated to activate the natural energy in your skin. Collagen production and elasticity increase.

Call for your Introductory Special: (310) 979-9050

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Martha Weinstein: 60 years of

anti-aging innovation

Our system was developed by Martha Weinstein,
the global pioneer in rejuvenation and
female empowerment for six decades.